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Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment is required to maximize performance, maintain efficiency and to ensure safety.

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Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment is essential to maximize performance, maintain efficiency and to insure safety. A good analogy that is often used is with your car – it requires regular maintenance in order to extend its life and get the most “mileage” out of it. Prior to the 1970′s automobiles were relatively easy to repair and maintain. Since then vehicles have been redesigned to be much more efficient and comply with higher safety standards in order to meet government regulations.

Today's heating and cooling systems have been impacted in much the same way. Systems that once were fairly simple by design, with few moving parts, have become more complex due to higher safety and efficiency standards.

Schedule Service Maintenance

Hovland’s offers regularly scheduled maintenance service for your furnace, air conditioner and other home comfort equipment. Regular maintenance can be scheduled before the heating and/or cooling seasons, and our trained technicians will keep your equipment operating at peak performance during the seasons when it is used the most, helping to prevent mechanical breakdowns. In the event a repair is needed, our regular customers receive preferred service rates.

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Emergency 24hr HVAC Service

Hovland's offers 24-hour emergency service year round. We know you can't always control when your system breaks down and we realize that you wouldn't call at midnight if it weren't an emergency. If and when you do have an emergency, our technicians are ready to respond.

Please understand that we are not always able to guarantee parts availability. Although we do try to stock most common parts for repair, it is next to impossible to stock every part for every make and size of equipment. In the event a non-stock part is required, we are usually able to acquire the parts quickly and efficiently through excellent working relationships we have with our vendors, minimizing the time required to get your equipment back up and operating.

Our technicians have over 100 years of combined experience with the repair and service of all types of heating and air conditioning equipment.

If you need emergency service, please call 715-832-1691,
follow the prompts for leaving an emergency service message, and a technician will return your call.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your equipment will help to prevent problems and unnecessary repair costs. Keep your heating and cooling system at peak performance by having Hovland’s do annual pre-season check-ups. We typically get very busy once summer and winter come, so it’s best to check the cooling system in the spring and the heating system in the fall. Plan check-ups around the time changes in the spring and fall to help you remember.

Contact Hovland's to schedule routine HVAC maintenance.

Repair & Replacement

Hovland’s is proud to be recognized as a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer™ and are pleased to offer quality Lennox heating and air conditioning products. Lennox is renowned as an industry leader in providing innovative and energy efficient home comfort systems.

Our Repair/Replacement division replaces old and inefficient equipment. If your 20 or 30-year old furnace or air conditioner breaks down in the middle of the heating or cooling season without any warning, our HVAC consultants and installers will work hard to make certain you are not without heating or cooling for any length of time.

Unlike some HVAC companies that arbitrarily replace parts and equipment, we instruct our technicians to repair an expensive piece of equipment that is early in its life cycle whenever possible, to help save you money. If a part fails, we don’t simply replace the part, but thoroughly check the system to isolate what may have caused the failure to hopefully prevent the problem from reoccurring. However, if our technician believes it will be more cost effective to replace your equipment rather than repair it, he will promptly make that recommendation. At Hovland’s we always have our client's best interest in mind.

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Self Help Guide

With proper maintenance and care, your heating and air conditioning equipment will operate economically and dependably. Here are a few simple, routine maintenance steps you can do to help ensure the best performance and comfort from your system.

What to do Indoors

Set the thermostat on “HEAT” and move the temperature setting above room temperature. Listen for any unusual sounds and call Hovland’s for service if you suspect problems.

Inspect the blower compartment of your furnace or blower coil. Use a vacuum to remove any dirt or dust, which can result in improper performance and low efficiency. Make sure that the coil is dry prior to vacuuming.

Remove clutter from around the furnace or blower coil. Items stored near the furnace are fire hazards. They may also obstruct combustion air supply. This could cause incomplete combustion and the production of carbon monoxide gas. Your furnace or blower coil could be located in a closet, attic or basement. Removing clutter applies to your equipment no matter where it is located.

Replace the indoor unit’s air filter monthly. Dirty/plugged filters cause equipment to work harder, resulting in energy waste and possible internal damage. If you have a reusable/washable filter, make sure that it has completely dried prior to reinstalling.

Check the chimney or flue pipe connections for tightness, blockages or loose connections. Your gas furnace flue pipe must remain tightly connected and free of blockage for the furnace to operate correctly. If problems exist, contact Hovland’s to schedule the repairs.

Keep return registers/grilles clear of obstructions. The return register/grille must remain free of obstructions such as furniture, lint, dust or pet hair for the system to operate properly.

Clean humidifier reservoir regularly. If your home comfort system includes a humidifier, it may be necessary to clean the water reservoir to prevent mold or mildew buildup.

What to do Outdoors

Trim brush and shrubbery near outdoor units to prevent airflow obstruction. It is important to provide unrestricted airflow to the outdoor unit. Leaves, trash or shrubs crowding the air conditioner or heat pump cause the unit to work harder and use more energy. Also remove any debris that may have collected around the unit.

Clean outdoor coil. The outdoor coil on an air conditioner or heat pump can sometimes become obstructed by grass clippings, leaves, dust, etc. If this happens, using a garden hose, gently run water over the coil, removing unwanted obstructions.

Make sure outdoor unit remains level. Ground shifting or settling can cause an air conditioner or heat pump to sit in an uneven position. If this happens, re-level the unit to make sure water/moisture drains from the cabinet properly.

Self HVAC Maintenance Tips

With proper maintenance and care, your heating and air conditioning equipment will operate economically and dependably. Here are a few simple, routine maintenance steps you can do to help ensure the best performance and comfort from your system.

Safety First: before you perform any kind of maintenance, consider these important safety precautions.

Disconnect all electrical power to the unit before removing access panels to perform maintenance. Please note that there may be more than one power connection switch. Although most manufacturers take care to prevent sharp edges in the construction of our equipment, it’s best to be very careful when you handle parts or reach into units.

Change your air filter regularly. Check your filter every month, especially during the winter and summer months when your equipment is running the most. A standard air filter should be replaced at least every 3 months. A dirty filter will slow down airflow and make the system work harder to keep you warm or cool. Dust and dirt that enters the equipment can also lead to expensive repairs and/or premature system failure. Installing a higher efficiency filter will not only clean the air more effectively, but will also improve airflow and help prevent dust and dirt from building up in the system.

Inspect your furnace’s combustion area and vent system before each heating season. If you find dirt, soot or rust, your system may not be operating properly or at its peak efficiency. Call Hovland’s and do not operate your furnace until it is professionally inspected and/or repaired.

Clean your humidifier at the beginning of every heating season. Review your owner’s manual for the proper procedure to clean the external and internal components of your unit. The evaporator pad should also be replaced before each heating season. If the water in your area is hard or has high mineral content, you may need to clean or service your humidifier more frequently.

Keep your outdoor condensing unit free of debris. Keeping grass clippings, leaves and shrubbery away from your outdoor unit will help prevent dirt and debris from getting into the system. Check the base pan (underneath the unit) occasionally and remove debris, to help the unit drain correctly. If the outdoor coil becomes dirty, flush with a garden hose to clean the surface. Contact Hovland’s to clean dirt that is lodged deep in the coil.

Make sure your outdoor unit stays in a level position. If the support for your outdoor unit shifts or settles and the unit is no longer level, re-level it promptly to make sure moisture drains properly out of the unit. If you notice that water collects beneath the unit, arrange for it to be drained away from the equipment.

Keep area around furnace free from clutter. Your furnace or blower coil could be located in a closet, attic or basement. Removing clutter applies to your equipment no matter where it is located. Items stored near the furnace are fire hazards. They may also obstruct combustion air supply, resulting in incomplete combustion and the production of carbon monoxide gas.


If your system is not running or functioning properly, here are some simple steps you can take to help isolate the problem, prior to calling for service:

Make sure the electrical disconnect switches are ON.

Replace any blown fuses or reset any tripped circuit breakers.

Make sure the thermostat temperature is set properly.

Heating – make sure thermostat system is set to HEAT and temperature selector is set above room temperature. On gas furnaces equipped with electronic ignition, turn thermostat to OFF. Wait five minutes then set the thermostat back to HEAT to reset the ignition system.

Cooling – make sure thermostat system is set to COOL and temperature selector is set below room temperature. To avoid short-cycling the compressor, do not turn the thermostat OFF and ON immediately – wait a few minutes to prevent damage to the compressor.

Fan – set FAN switch to ON for continuous blower operation or set to AUTO if you only want the blower to run when the unit is operating.

Check your air filter and clean or replace, if dirty.

Make sure all equipment access panels are reinstalled properly.

Check for sufficient airflow and make sure supply and return grilles are open and unobstructed.

Check furnace intake and exhaust vents to make certain they are clear.

Clear outdoor coil of debris

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